Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Experience Colorado and UCCS
We admit, living in Colorado is nothing but fantastic. Legendary snow; an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, pleasant seasons, big cities and small mountain towns, sand dunes and raging rapids. And whether you stay close to campus or explore the whole state, there's always something to do. UCCS is one of 4 campuses in the University of Colorado system and emphasizes a broad range of programs in the liberal arts, sciences, business, engineering, nursing, education, and public affairs. We're located at the base of Pikes Peak, and offer a vibrant cultural life and immediate access to numerous recreational opportunities including river rafting, hiking, golf, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, camping, and hot air ballooning. Colorado Springs is home to more than 20 national and international sports organizations, including the headquarters of the US Olympic Training Center. We are 57 miles south of Denver, and 30 miles north of Pueblo. We're less than 2 hours from the closest ski resort - Monarch Mountain, and a little over 2 hours from Breckenridge and Aspen.

Our Campus

Roses blooming outside of the ENT Center
A 92,000 square-foot facility dedicated to the arts in the Springs. Visit us for a transformational experience.
UCCS in the Spring
UCCS in the Spring
Every year the campus comes alive, give us a visit and see the blossoming of our trees!
UCCS in the Summer
UCCS in the Summer
Explore the hiking trails behind UCCS during the Summer and find breathtaking views right outside your door.
UCCS West Lawn
UCCS West Lawn
The UCCS West Lawn is hard to miss, most outdoor events can be found here!
UCCS in the Winter
UCCS in the Winter
Snow coats the trees outside of the Engineering and Applied Sciences building.
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
Adventure into the lush green landscape of Colorado.
Campus Recreation
At UCCS, college doesn't just happen in the classroom. It happens at a Mountain Lion game, a Theatreworks production, a yoga class at the Recreation and Wellness Center, or over a sandwich at Clyde's. We know a campus alive and buzzing with activities is just as important as books, writing papers, and study time. Being centrally located within the state, we are within an hour of professional sports, world class winter and summer outdoor sports and activities, hundreds of concerts and cultural events and venues. ALL incoming NSE students receive discounts and free outdoor trips with our campus Student Outdoor Life Experiences (S.O.L.E). Check out the current Outdoor Trip Schedule on our SOLE website. EVERY season is a great outdoor season in Colorado!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • You do not need to establish residency in order to participate in the National Student Exchange program. Students will continue to be under their current residency status while they are "studying away" with NSE. Please note: your time as an exchange student with NSE does NOT count toward establishing residency in your host state location. During an NSE exchange you are a visiting student on EXCHANGE and not a residency seeking student. Tuition for incoming NSE students is based on instate tuition with no COF (College Opportunity Fund).

  • SPRING 2017 REGISTRATION OPENS FOR INCOMING NSE STUDENTS ON 11/02/16 at 8:00am For incoming NSE students to UCCS, please be aware of the following course registration restrictions.

    1. While you are an NSE student, you are NOT eligible to take graduate-level classes. At UCCS, graduate level classes are numbered 5000+.
    2. Courses in the Beth-el College of Nursing and the College of Education are CLOSED to ALL INCOMING NSE students.
    3. Courses within the College of Business are VERY LIMITED to incoming Plan B students. ****Please look under the business tab in this FAQ section for a list of classes.
    4. Courses within the College of Engineering are CLOSED for all incoming Plan B students. Important reminder: ALL INCOMING NSE Students are required to attend the mandatory NSE orientation. It is always the Saturday before the Fall or Spring semester classes begin from 10am to 12PM.
  • Housing at UCCS is a great opportunity for all incoming students to be more connected with the UCCS community. While living on campus is not a requirement of incoming NSE students, it is highly recommended.

    UCCS sits on a high bluff above Colorado Springs. Housing off campus will present a couple of different challenges for an exchange student. If you plan on living on campus, be sure to apply ASAP. Although we have just added a large number of beds, campus housing can be very difficult to get. If you have any questions about UCCS housing, please contact Steven Horner at, or go to their website at: //

    If you would like information on near-by housing opportunities off campus, please contact Heidi Wardell at

    ****UCCS does not endorse any off-campus housing organizations, but we try and keep a list of contact information on hand for your reference.

  • Plan A: All classes are available for you to take as long as you have the necessary pre-requisites finished. Plan B: The Dean has limited Business majors to the following classes:

    • INFS 1100
    • ACCT 2010
    • ACCT 2020
    • SPTM 2000
    • BLAW 2000
    • QUAN 2010
    • QUAN 2020
    • BUAD 3000
    • MGMT 3300
    • MKTG 3000
    • FNCE 3050
    • INFS 3000

Important Information

Incoming Canadian Students:

All incoming Canadian students must attend the Fall 2017 mandatory arrival, welcome, and reporting event for new international students. The Fall PLEASE PLAN YOUR COLORADO ARRIVAL TO ACCOMMODATE THIS MANDATORY MEETING. Students arriving from Puerto Rico, Virgian Islands, and Guam may also attend this meeting, however it is NOT mandatory for these students.

Please contact Wangyun Chao if you have any questions or concerns . . . . 719-255-7526 International Student and Scholar Services Specialist Admissions Services - Admissions Processing

Closed Programs

College of Nursing and the College of Education are CLOSED to NSE students (Plan A or B). College of Business: VERY LIMITED number of courses available to NSE students under Plan B. OPEN for Plan A. Please contact: for a listing of courses. College of Engineering: CLOSED for all Plan B students.